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For any questions, requests, help or problems you can contact us via email or on our Discord via the general channel or pm ayne (discord user name: ayneee). For questions about recruitment, joint requests or retranslation requests, check out the following headings.


For recruitment, see our recruitment page.

Joint Requests

We’re open for joint requests if you are interested to help us release release any of our current projects faster. Please contact us via email: for more details on any of the projects. Please provide at least the following information:

  • Name of your group
  • Url of your group
  • Name of the project
  • Which position(s) your group will work on (Scanning, Translating, Proofreading, Cleaning, Typesetting, and Quality Checking)


If you’re interested in translating one of our projects into another language, please read these rules, check out the project page if the project is still free to translate and contact us via email: Please provide at least the following information:

  • Name of the project
  • Target language
  • Name of your group
  • Url of your group


  • Provide a link from your website to our website.
  • Retain our credits page.
  • Credit us for anything you use from our work, such as raws, translations, and edited scans.
  • One group is limited to 3 of our projects at a time.
  • We will only give permission to one group per language to use our work for re-translation.
  • If the group working on a particular project becomes inactive or drops that project, we reserve the right to give permission to another group interested in working on that project. Inactive or broken links will be removed.
  • If you choose to re-translate a joint project, you will need to request permission from our joint partner(s) as well before we can give you our permission.
  • We do not give out cleans (PSD file). You will have to work with our edited scans (PNG file).
  • Please do not request from our upcoming/future projects until we have released at least one chapter from it.
  • We can only give permission to chapters that we’ve done.
    • For example, if another group did chapters 1-5 and we did chapters 6-10, we can only give you permission for chapters 6-10.

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