Home announcements Welcome to yet another EF revival

Welcome to yet another EF revival

We’re back again, another EF revival. 8D

You know what they say, evil is lingering in the shadows.~ Time to step back into the light.

I checked out our last website move and it must’ve been around 2013, so some changes were needed. We weren’t able to support the old site as it is that’s why we’re back to WordPress. The site is still much under construction and we’re working on getting everything up and going again so if there’s a particular project that you really like, just give us a message and we’ll try to prioritize it.

We’re still figuring out how to manage our licensed titles so that’s why no uploads so far on those. And there won’t be any downloads for the time being.

We gave up the forum and moved all interaction and communication to our Discord server. Join and have a chat with us. 🙂

There are some new features on this site that we didn’t have before so have fun to explore!

We’ll be trying to get back at our projects so expect to hear from us again.~

Happy greetings, Evil Flowers Staff

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